Guided Tours ---> Program 2021

Gustav Klimt and Emilie Flöge spent many hours together at Villa Paulick. The tour guides provide background knowledge about the relationship between the families Paulick, Flöge and Klimt and have a lot of information regarding the time around 1900.

From June to September 2021 guided tours take place to allow visits of the house, while considering current Covid Regulations.

Please use public parking in the vicinity! It is possible to drive in for a moment to drop people who have problems to walk. Please be aware that space for turning is limited.

---> Tickets for tours and evening events

Some more information regarding guided tours 2021

  • Regular Tours ---> Tickets

    2021 fixed time from Juni bis September every Tuesday at 5:00 pm. Eventually additional time slots during high season.

    Visit of the main rooms, boat house, garden. Break at the terrace.

    The tour guides yield expertise regarding Klimt.

    Booking via Internet or binding via 0664 256 4322. This is mandatory, because of limited access.

    Meeting point: Main entrance - if there are no prior registrations the tour does not take place.

    Duration 1,5-2 hours. Admission 13,00 €, up to 18 years 5,00 €

  • Individual tours

    Indivdual tours can be organized for a minimum of 6 persons. AMaximum is 20 persons as long as Corona restrictions are in place.

    Duration 1,5 -2- hours, Admission per Person 15,00 €, up to 18 years 5,00 €

  • Special tours

     Special tours through the whole buiding 11.06.2021 and 19.09.2021.

     Start: 3:00 pm, app. 2 hours, Admission 15,00 €, up to 18 years 6,00 €

    Visit of the upper floors, "Flöge room", "Paulick room", main rooms, boat house, garden. If regulations allow, we invite you to a cup of coffee or a refreshment. The group is going to be divided, too keep enough distance. This may cause a little bit of standby time.

     Special occasion featuring "Emilie Flöge" 03.08.2021 (17:00)

     max. persons despending on Covid situation, app. 2 hours

    Main rooms, boat house, garden. In case of good weather followed by a halt in the garden: Admission 10:00 € for visitors dressed up in style Emilie Flöge / Gustav Klimt, all other visitors admission 15,00 €, up to 18 years 8,00 €.

    The tour guides yield expertise regarding Klimt..

    Please buy tickets in advance via internet, register via or call +43 664 256 4322. We cannot exceed person limits due to Corona limitations.